Crash by Paul Haggis Analysis.


Many characters in the film exhibit how individuals have a tendency to impact focused around race. These incorporate the white lead prosecutor and his wife, a police analyst with his sibling who is a hoodlum, the two dark carjackers, the two-collaborated police constables, the dark film executive and his dark wife, the Hispanic locksmith and his girl, among numerous others. Two partnered White police constables, Graham Waters and Ria, have contradictory views towards non-whites. Ria demonstrates deliberate racism. Thus, he uses his police authority to mistreat non-whites. On the other hand, Graham Water exhibits the hatred towards his partner based on his racism. Nonetheless, Graham himself tends to demonstrate racism in his subconscious. As far as this movie is concern, there are four distinct elements ascertained. These were master narratives and the construction of superiority, prejudice, discrimination, and power. This is demonstrated in the incidence where Rick Cabot and his wife Jean, are carjacked by two black carjackers, Anthony and Peter. This is an example of prejudice and discrimination elements as far as this novel is taken into account. Jean also demonstrates stereotypical views towards non-whites. Even so, she believes that she is not a racist. The two black carjacker, on the other hand, take advantage of their race as an excuse for their actions. We let ourselves know we are a tolerant nation and stress authentic stories that paint us as accommodating and helpful.

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