Creative Thinking.


Brainstorming has become part of every management problem solving issue and lateral thinking is now part of any well-rounded planning process.

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Creative Thinking.
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Human beings seem to be born with the capacity to think creatively. Children, in the guise of play, begin to form their personality and their mind sets very early on in life. They creatively experiment with their own limbs as well as with the world around them. It is believed that this creative process in children is one, among many, reasons they can develop skills more quickly than adults. Their capacity for language acquisition is never greater than before the age of eight.

A flash of insight, a clever way to do something, a realization of some truth about ourselves–all signal the activation of the creative mind. We deploy its enormous potential for creating new solutions in our lives when we free ourselves from many of our automatic reactions, reeducate ourselves to speak in original ideas not slogans, suspend judgment, avoid arguments and ego battles, listen more attentively, and think in terms of options instead of one right way. (Albrecht, 2002, p. 39)

As illustrated by Einstein’s example, our brains tend to think in imagery. Words and language are the process by which we communicate and we are often forgetful about using imagery and our imaginations. Thinking in words, according to most researchers, comes after the brain has associated imagery with those words. Pattern recognition, which are brains are expert at, kick in but often concepts can become so concrete in words that we leave ourselves no other way of looking at it. By deconstructing that process with techniques like brainstorming, random input or provocation, derails our usually linear thought processes into more creative avenues.

In the present study, imaging ability had a significant influence on creativity.

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