Credit card fruad.

The various methods and techniques by which credit crime fraud is countermanded or mitigated are also presented, pursuant to the theory of situational crime prevention from the viewpoint of the individual, business firms, and the crime enforcement authorities. Other than the common typologies presented, seven case studies in particular are detailed with the intention of highlighting the special circumstances that set the case situations apart from the common types of card fraud. The unique situations may or may not easily lend themselves to situational crime prevention – the latter pertaining to terrorist activities in particular – but all of which crime enforcers are mandated to address and seek a solution to.

The proposed research will examine one of a number of growing crimes that is perpetrated over the Internet via the World Wide Web (WWW). Specifically, it will look at credit card fraud. Although credit card fraud is not new, some form of fraud involving credit cards has existed for decades. the growth of commercial transactions over the WWW has made these crimes a major consideration for law enforcement agencies. This is because criminals are using new ways to steal technologies, merchandise from retail outlets, and cash from automated teller machines (ATMs).

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Credit card fruad.
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Credit Card Fraud is a species of payment card fraud, defined thus: “Payment card fraud is a generic term used to describe a range of offences involving theft and fraudulent use of payment card account data. Frequent types of payment card fraud include: lost or stolen card, account takeover, counterfeit card, application fraud and card not present.” (Interpol, 2009)

Incidents of payment card fraud became increasingly widespread following the technology boom in the nineties because its easy money to steal.

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