Critical about author’s work.

civilization without her goodwill as a new citizen in the land of America being crashed to oblivion and non-existent by the Indians is easily noticed in this particular exceptional literature piece. One would wonder what the exact purpose of Mary Rowlandson work was, was it merely an inclined statement of author’s religious belief? Or was it pure evidence of what she truly underwent while in captivity as a woman? Or was it to tell a story of the challenges the early colonial Americans faced? Well in a broader context her work combines both the three notions. the power of a higher intervention, strong religious belief. the power and position of a woman as viewed by her society portrayed in the most difficult of situations and the tension between the Native Americans and the Colonial Americans.

Mary Rowlandson’s major work was the mentioned narrative documented in her book “The Sovereignty and Goodness of God” describing the conditions and processes she was put throughout the captivity and the religious faith in God that kept her alive and fueled her with hope (Rowlandson 25). Mary employed the spiritual aspect in telling her story referring to the captivity as maybe a test from God and an opportunity to review her self-conscience. she continuously quoted numerous bible verses in her citations like “Cast thy burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain thee”, a verse from the biblical book of Psalms. She narrates the episodes in first person as she clearly describes the events with a hopeful tone but spotted with a few instances of despair and anguish (Smith-Rosenberg 112). Subjectivity is however noted from analyzing her thoughts, motivations and feelings in general. The narrative is divided into twenty sections corresponding to the “journeys” she was taken through during the captivity ordeal from the raid through her enslavement to her release. Mary attests the passing’s of her “journeys” as the doing of God’s faith.

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Critical about author’s work.
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