Critical Analysis of strategic Issues.

In conclusion, the report gives suggestions and recommendations on how the issues can be amicable.

Oman national carrier, Oman Air started its operations in the year 1993. The organization primarily began operating in the local religion before expanding its services to other markets. Within a short period, the company had solidified its position as a leader in the airline industry. Since its formation, Oman Air has managed to transform Muscat into a major economic hub in the Middle East religion. In addition, the city has been able to tap into the numerous business opportunities that have emerged in the market. There has been an increase in population something that has brought up industrial, tourism and commercial business opportunities in the countries capital. Oman Air offers flight services for passengers traveling to different destinations in the world. However, the journey has not been rosy for the airline company. Serious challenges have faced the company in the recent days if unresolved could see the company’s fortunes dwindle. Competition and escalating fuel prices have been some of the challenges facing the airline company (Oman Air, 2015).

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Oman Air intends to be the leading airline company through the provision of quality services to its customers. In addition, the company hopes to link the world with the Omani and promote its cultural values globally (Oman Air, 2015).

Oman Air has made a bold step to ensure provision of quality services to customers by exceeding the expectations of the customers. Reliability, safety, comfort and quality services are some of the factors that the company strives to employee secretly to attract more customers. In addition, the airline also seeks to be involved in community development projects in promoting of tourism activities (Oman Air, 2015).

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