Critical Approaches to the Online Learning.

Professor Michael Porter, supported the idea of creating the online courses with the condition that it should be run in a manner that doesn’t ruin the class-room concept of study. Professor Porter puts it simple and clear: “A company must stay the course, even in times of upheaval, while constantly improving and extending its distinctive positioning” (Useem). The theory of Porter holds that the programs that exists need not be disrupted in any form on the other hand the online learning should be introduced as an additional program (Useem). This theory holds that an introduction of the new program should be a way of reinforcing the strategy that is already in place.Leading University departments like the Harvard Business School have opted on the Porter’s theory in the expense of Christensen’s. Instead of disrupting the traditional Masters in Business Administration and the programs that relate to executive education. online education is introduced as an option in the business education sector (Porter).Professor Clayton Christensen believed that for universities to be more competitive and lead in the market, they are to disrupt the ‘old model’ of teaching and embrace the online method (Porter). This is seen as a method that will embrace technological changes and the same time increase the number increases the number of students that are reached per lecture. Professor Christensen believes that through the disruptive approach the process will be less costly and simple.

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Critical Approaches to the Online Learning.
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