Critical Thinking.


Creative thinking tries to create a list of something or ideas that are new whereas critical thinking tries to make choices by assessing the validity or worth in something.

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Critical Thinking.
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In addition, creative thinking is often carried on by violating accepted rules because it requires inventiveness. This, therefore, implies that, in creative thinking, the mind is at liberty to wander about in search of new, varied, and unique ideas. Critical thinking, on the other hand, is often carried on by applying the accepted principles because it involves making choices. It is a mental activity that is associated with using the mind. Creative thinking is a process that assists in or contributes to fostering creativity. It is associated with tools and techniques such as problem-solving, brainstorming and lateral thinking (Lau, 2013). Conversely critical thinking means using mental processes like categorization, attention, selection, and judgment. For instance, creative thinking has helped team members to come up with an out of the box solution regarding a particular issue, however, a critical thinking has helped an employee relations specialist to conduct workplace investigations on whether to terminate or suspend an employee who is alleged to have engaged in sexual harassment.

Therefore, a person who thinks creatively is able to come up with new ideas regarding a particular thing whereas, a person who thinks critically is able to use skepticism as well as doubt usefully in analyzing anything before them thereby making a better and a more informed decision (Lau, 2013).&nbsp.

It is very crucial to develop critical thinking skills because creative thinking has numerous benefits to an individual. First, critical thinking results in a more focused reading. Myself, critical reading has enabled me to look up for the information I need more carefully (Cottrell, 2011).

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