Critical thinking art paper.


Such depiction was evident by the use of multimedia that added to the value of the entire art entertainment. Truly, it is evident that the conceptual basis for such entertainment was the modern time that allows almost everyone in all walks of life to relate with.

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Therefore, the artwork in the event significantly involved computer technology. By being able to use multimedia presentations synchronizing the actors’ performance on stage, the entire show elaborated a truly new form of entertainment that was remarkably aligned with the modern times. It showcased an art that the new generation today with highly advanced technology can eventually appreciate.

As already stated, the use of multimedia was enticing viewers to appreciate the whole theatrical event that is truly different from the classical one. Therefore the use of technology alone was a fundamental component of the Blue Man Group Universal that allowed it to be differentiated from the other theatrical and artistic performers. This eventually created a word of mouth, and as a result, many people were encouraged to experience the live artistic performance of the Blue Man Group Universal.

Although the presentation of the Blue Man Group Universal still have important elements like those in any other classical theatrical event, what differentiated it from the rest was the level of interaction it tried to create with its target audience. The artistic performance was eventually designed in such a way that people in different walks of life can relate, both young and old. The interaction was able to create appreciation of the advantage of using technology in order to enhance or refine the presentation of the artistic design. Computer arts was remarkable in the presentation, prior to appealing to human emotion by triggering laughter and awe-inspiring creativity that was made possible via the employment of multimedia presentation.

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