Critical Thinking Assignment.

The research paper intends to evaluate my experience regarding the affect of video games on the human perception and cognition.

A per my concern, video games play a major role in training and exercising various cognitive skills. Cognition is referred to as a mental process that is closely interlinked with language, attention, memory, perception, decision- making, reasoning and also problem solving. Contextually, engaging environments are being created by video games that help in cognitive development and growth in several areas including, objective location capability, mental rotational ability, targeting, visual attention, verbal fluency iconic representation, executive control and long-term memory skills (Suziedelyte, 2012. Sternberg & Sternberg, 2009). However, I believe that cognition is developed through top-down as well as bottom-up process. The bottom-up process is driven by input and data that involves, recognizing the world, memorizing characteristics and features about it and finally navigation of the environment. On the other hand, the top-down process makes use of the previously acquired knowledge in order to affect the perception, problem solving, memory and decision- making (Psych Central, 2015). However, in the similar manner video games challenge as well as incorporate various process of cognition with the help of a cyclic flow of top-down and bottom-up processing. As a video game player, I interact and perceive the environment of the game (bottom-up processing) and for succeeding in the game, it becomes necessary for me to solve the problems and make use of various cognitive skills in order to overcome the challenge and obstacles (top-down processing). Therefore, I think that video games help in promoting the growth and development of cognition with the help of their intrinsic qualities (Suziedelyte, 2012).

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Critical Thinking Assignment.
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