Critical Thinking Questions.

a teacher leader, the principles which one should use include leading with values, people centered, achievement oriented and managing tensions and dilemmas (Day and Harris, 2012).

Changes are of different categories, and they all depend with the teacher leader who wants to implement them. In this circumstance, implementing a permanent change to the institutions will be more beneficial in making the institutions realize their visions. It will involve making necessary adjustment, which matches the need of the institutions. In order to ensure that this becomes successful, it will need evaluation of the areas which needs to be improved (Reeves, 2008). It will also need assessment at ensuring that the critical areas are taken into consideration.

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Critical Thinking Questions.
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Implementation of change begins with assessment of the areas which needs to be changed. As an educational leader, you need to involve all parties including students and other fellows in ensuring that all goes well. This will entail working on programs which will bring change to all stakeholders (Danielson, 2007). However, implementation of change is different from managing change since implementation deals with introducing changes whereas management of change involve making necessary adjustment in the process of already existing

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