Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) Paper.


The CEO was also accused of using $31 million to acquire a private jet. These and a host of other problems from the corporate world have been around for long and the result is the reduced employee performance because they do not trust their leaders. This is why leaders from non-profit organizations have the obligation of demonstrating that they are accountable, honest and respectful. Based on the research findings, it seems that only through ethical leadership can charitable organizations in America maintain the trust from the public. To understand the importance of ethical leadership, it is imperative to know how this type of leadership influences employees’ voice in non-profit organizations in America.

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Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) Paper.
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c) Study Mechanisms: Comparative studies of any study mechanisms examining if leaders in different non-profit organizations in America behave in an ethical manner and their influence on employee freedom.

On the left-hand side of the search results page, I selected the box next to the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) journals limiter and updated my results. In some cases, I was able to find the journal articles. However, in some cases, I was not able to obtain the full text of the article. To obtain the full text of the article, I first clicked on the Find It tab button in the articles record. By doing this, I was directed to the Find It window that indicates that the full-text article was not available from any of the UMUC librarys databases. Nonetheless, it meant that I could use the Librarys DocumentExpress service to request a PDF. While I started synthesizing the evidences from the searches, I explored evidences based on Evidence-Based management’s suggestion (2014), which involves asking, acquiring, appraising, aggregating, applying, and assessing.

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