Cross culture and human resource management 03015.


Kennedy (2008) however focus in aspect of competition that urged the business houses to look for new markets and customer groups in order to enhance their scope of business and signified competition as one of the primary drivers in the inclusion of cultural factors in the business domain. Focusing on the functional aspect of the human resource processes of the business, Hampden-Turner (2009) stated that the two most essential roles of the HR managers is to ensure employee engagement and commitment towards their organizational responsibilities. This research is focused on establishing a subsidiary for British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline in India. The process of developing the subsidiary will undergo through many cultural challenges and analysis of the business environment of India. For the initial market research process, GSK will send some British managers for understanding the process of designing the functions for the India based subsidiary. The group of managers selected include 3 male and 2 female individuals out of which the female managers are married and will be travelling with their families. This also brings in the aspect of adapting to the social structure of India for all the managers. The personal reflections of the managers will also be considered in forming the report regarding the cultural environment of India. The responsibilities of the subsidiaries will be mainly related with evaluation of the critical cultural and environmental factors that can influence the operations of GSK.

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 Cross culture and human resource management 03015.
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Culture is one of the most crucial aspects of the human behaviour, their decision making processes and choices made while taking actions for fulfilling their goals. Based on this assumption the observation of Bate (2008) highlighted that culture influences the decisions and behaviour of a group of people and forms the basis of differentiation of one group from another.

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