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On the other hand, supporters claim that outsourcing brings down prices giving economic advantages to all.

Outsourcing entails hiring overseas freelancers or companies, situated anywhere around the globe, to perform tasks an employee, entrepreneur, or CEO would generally do him/herself or assign to employees of the company. ODesk, Freelancer, and Elance are outsourcing avenues, where providers, from every part of the world, offer their services online (Osnowitz 9).

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Ethical outsourcing is a key to its lasting success. Customers prefer to buy from trustworthy companies, who make their business deals transparent as well as treat their workers with integrity. When a company gets outsourced, the individuals who are removed from the main company have to shift the knowledge to the new workers who come to the board. In few cases, it does not suit the full requirements (Sheldon 48). There might be a gap in communication when an individual transfers their knowledge to the third party. One may lack interest to coach the third party individual, but he/she is forced to do it. In such a case communication honesty as well as doing the correct duties makes the interest of ethical issues since this is against the Freedom of Speech.

There is language as well as cultural barriers when communicating with the abroad workers. The overseas employees communicate in broken as well as inexplicable English with Americans. As a result, the corporations have to concession on the product quality. Indirectly one sees, now days due to job outsourcing in a peek, abroad workers are excellent in communication as well as very gifted (Sheldon 51). They can effortlessly comprehend the state of affairs and end up with good thoughts, offer the quality, and safety of the product. Customers benefit from the product of the result.

From a Utilitarian point of view, outsourcing is good because there is no requirement to compromise the safety and quality of the product.

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