Cultural Diversity


(Gay, 2003).

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 Cultural Diversity
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There is no one single definition of labeling. It is a form of differentiation through which people try to identify and group people with any similarity they may have. (Diller, 2004). However, labeling never leaves a positive impact on the person being labeled since it a one of the major forms of prejudice and discrimination.

(Hudak, Kihn, 2001). Moreover, labeling is judgmental. (Gallozzi, 2009). The people being labeled are judged and evaluated in relation to the specific stigma attached to them and become stereotyped. Labeling usually starts with a description and then turns into a stigma later on. (Gallozzi, 2009). For example, Harry always scores good at his tests so based on this fact, it can be said that Harry is intelligent. Here, “intelligent” is a description. However, if he keeps on scoring good, many people at his school would start calling him a “nerd” and would start associating everything with him that are thought to be associated with a nerd. Eventually, even the people who don’t know him and haven’t even talked to him once would start judging him based on other peoples’ judgments and harry would be socially known as a “nerd” even if he is not. This is a label. (Diller, 2004). The most common way of labeling people is through their personal attributes and habits, nationality, religion, culture, ethnicity, etc. (Hudak, Kihn, 2001).

People tend to label those who are different from them. (Gay, 2003). It is a part of human psyche to group things and people together and then regard them as the same in order to prevent mental clutter. (Gallozzi, 2009). They prefer to attach similar characteristics and attributes to the entire group of people and things that they have created in their minds so that they do not have to think about every single member of the group individually. In this act of grouping, people often engage in stereotyping and discrimination and most of all, labeling

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