Culture and career counseling.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy displays the needs of the handicapped people (McGuire, 2012). The disable people focus on basic survival. For instance, their focus is directed towards food, clothing and shelter than any other necessities of life. The society should understand that the disabled persons are human as well, and have other needs like security, safety, sense of belonging, love and self-actualization in the workplace. They require job security without facing any biasness, discharge or firing. Love in the workplace is significant to the handicapped as it instills a sense of belonging. The need for self-actualization motivates physically challenged individuals because it drives them toward realizing their potentials in their line of work. In addition, disabled people lack access to adequate healthcare services. Unfortunately, most of them are not always in the position to afford quality healthcare because of the discrimination they face in the societal, political and economic atmospheres. They, therefore, need societal understanding and government assistance toward providing them with quality and affordable healthcare.

Career choice refers to the process of selecting and venturing in a given career path. Most of the times, individuals revise their carrier choices for various reasons. People usually venture into unplanned careers due to involuntary job loss. Marriage and raising children may force an individual to choose a career choice that would provide flexibility to the situation. An individual will relocate to a more paying career that can sustain his or her family’s demands. People choose careers that fit their talents and careers better. Age also affect career choices, for example, young individuals are more likely to do energetic jobs as compared to aged people who can only attend to soft ones.

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Culture and career counseling.
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Disparities in the society affect careers.

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