Culture And Public Policy.

This paper stresses that culture can also be regard as the relationships among people within groups, among groups and between ideas and views. Culture deals with identity, coordination, structures, and practices that guide relations among people such as ethnicity, heritage, rituals, norms, and beliefs. Multiculturalism refers to a specific set of philosophical ideas, or a particular orientation by institutions or the government towards a varied population. Thus, culture is created by people and defines people. Culture is express in various ways such as through how we speak, live, conduct public life, associate with others, celebrate, entertain ourselves, remember the past, and think about the future.

This report makes a conclusion that culture influences all public policies. The culture of the people or a nation determines the nature of the public policy that is created . Culture also affects the implementation of the policy. It may facilitate implementation of the policy thereby, helping to achieve the policy objectives or prevent creation or implementation of a good public policy, which may have a negative effect on a country’s different aspects such as economic development. Poor public policies in most African countries are because of bad cultures such as the high degree of power distance. On the other hand, most developed countries public interest oriented policies are inspired by the countries’ good cultures such as low power distance.

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