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There has been an emergence of longitudinal evidence showing that legal unions of same-sex marriages are likely to remain in a committed relationship. It is suggested that legalized relationship status often impact positively on the longevity of the relationship over time. Scientific research has not found any evidence that would justify the likelihood of discrimination against same-sex couples.

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In comparison to the heterosexual couples, it has been proven through scientific research studies that same-sex marriage is less stable. However, the ABA policy has remained consistent in its assurance that same-sex couples are healthy, functioning societal contributors who should not be discouraged or discriminated upon. There has been a consistent urge to the society to eliminate the stigma and discrimination against same-sex marriage.

There has been a lot of grappling for over twenty years on the question of extension of legal rights and protections for same-sex couples. State courts and legislatures have been considering the issue of equality that is pertinent in the constitution as they are aligning the laws pertaining to same-sex marriages (Hull, 2006). The topic of same-sex marriage has been a thorny issue for over a long period in the American society.

There has been concern over the issue for a long period on the issue since it seems to go against the human and religious morals of all the religions all over the world. On religious principles across different religions, marriage is viewed as a platform of childbearing and upbringing. As such it is only prudent for people of opposite sex to marry and bear children. Same-sex couples do not have the will power to raise children live alone to bear.

As a child grows, he/she will be contented with the fact that he/she was born by a mother and a father. From the names alone the child would naturally believe that the mother is female, and the father is male.

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