Current Issues in the Persian Gulf.

In addition, it has restricted outside access, built an airstrip and increased military presence on the island.

Challenges that make gulf to be a troubled region is not a recent development, neither is it news for the Washingtoni. The vast oil reserves in the region make the balance of power in the gulf a concern for US policy makers. The US has been constantly involved in the gulf region, and this is consistent with the western security policy. Since the end of World War 2, US has ensured that gulf region gains stability and access to oil preservation increasesii. Washington policies in the gulf are not for US to gain access to water, but indeed ensure that there is stability of the oil market in the region. This is because oil shocks might negatively affect oil prices in the US.

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Current Issues in the Persian Gulf.
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Geopolitics and energy security are not only the factors that engage US in the Gulf region. The American quest for ensuring stability in energy prices has been influenced by ideological considerations on the nature of US power. During the cold war, US strategy was to fight communism that was advocated by the Soviet Union. The collapse of communism in the gulf and end of soviet threat made the US reassess their strategies.

The major concern of the US and other international communities in the Gulf is to ensure there is stability and security. This will reduce risk in energy markets around the world and encourage investors to invest in this regioniii. US and Iran relation is a step in the right direction as there will be international supervision of nuclear program, and in turn sanction in Iran will be uplifted. This will increase the living standards in the region and ensure there is stability in the region. This relation is an import step where dialogue is used instead of deploying troops in the region. Deploying troops in the Gulf region will certainly increase risk than reduces these risks.

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