Customers Revenge.


I will not define Atida as a customer-centric company. They view customer’s complaints as a means to extort from the company by unreasonable customers. This is very evident with how they handled the complaints of Tom and Jessica. It is very disturbing that after a strong letter from loyal customer (Tom Zacharelli) was sent to the company threatening with negative publicity and a lawsuit, Lisa instead replied that “It’s not a legal problem . . . They say this customer can certainly hire a lawyer, but once customers understand how much pursuing the legal option will cost, they almost always see things differently. They take their loss, and they move on.” And statements such as “our only obligation is to fi x the car and nothing more” and sticking to a policy “for handling this stuff, one we’ve been following for decades”. Deducing from these statements, Atida thinks that they are just a manufacturing company where they just build cars and abandon their customers when they ask for customer service support. When customers complaint and call them, they look at it as a bother and not an opportunity to engage with their customers. This was very evident with Lisa’s mindset that their job is to get rid their phone lines with customers not realizing that getting rid their call centers of customers calling them do not mean that they have solve the customer’s problems.

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Customers Revenge.
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Second, I will revise the company employees’ mindset about customers. To achieve this, I will implement a company-wide reorientation and training about customer service for the company’s culture to change to a more service oriented one. I will introduce a service culture where each employee in the company will strive to satisfy the customers instead of getting rid of them. Lisa will be trained first and other managers will follow.

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