Cybercrime Incident: Analyzing the evidence.

Carrier (2006) argues that, the global nature of the internet has created room for criminals to commit any crime anywhere in the world. As such, it has become necessary for all countries to use their domestic offline controls to cover crimes committed in cyberspace. Computer forensic is one of the technologies used in the modern world to either prevent or unearth cybercrime. The most famous computer related crime having been solved using computer forensic is the famous BTK serial killer in America. Experts argue that without computer forensic, probably the police could not have caught up with the man.

The objective of this paper is to analyze BTK serial killers case in light of how computer forensic helped in solving it. The paper will detail the procedure used in discovering and investigating the evidence in this case. Finally the paper will conclude by explaining the various types of software that I would use to complete the case.

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Cybercrime Incident: Analyzing the evidence.
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McKemmish (1999) define computer forensic as the scientific collection, examination, prevention, authentication, and analysis of digital data to obtain credible information that can be used in a court of law. It is argued that computer forensic is as old as the computer itself. It is used by both federal and local law enforcement agencies in the US for obtaining evidence for criminal cases related to computer crime. The growth in the use of this technology has seen many corporations across the globe hiring computer forensic experts to monitor worker computer activities in a bid to prevent the workers from leaking confidential and critical information of the company or using company computers to commit cybercrime.

Computer forensic can also be used for tracking instant messaging, emails, or any other form of computer related communication (McKemmish, 1999).

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