The quality of the material that is being used in dams has drastically changed and includes material like cement and stone so that the dam can withhold the pressure (Lempérière, 2013). As time passed by, it was seen that dams provided an ideal storage of water along with other benefits but with these benefits it also became clear that dams had their own disastrous effects too. This essay will revolve around the Ilisu dam and conclude if the advantages of building the dam outweigh the disadvantages that it can pose.

Ilisu dam is built at an ideal location and can help to ensure a clean environment for the people who are living around. The clean environment here refers to the decrease in water pollution because of the dam (TMFA, 2011). Ilisu dam is being constructed on the technique of a hydroelecticity and does not include irrigation in its plan. this can help to ensure that the Tigris river is not polluted as the returning water would be clean as it should be. Along with the dam, a facility for the treatment of sewerage is also being developed so that the problem of eutrophication can be avoided (Bosshard, 2000). The problem of green house gas emission has long been debated with the development of new technology, but with Ilisu dam it can be said that the environment is safe as it would be run by hydro-electricity and green house gases would hence not be emitted in any form (European Commission, 2014). The dam not only provides a safe environment for the people of Turkey but it can also help the people to improve their lifestyle. This can be achieved by preserving the Hasankeyf town of Turkey which had been partially destroyed by floods (TMFA, 2011). It can hence be said that the dam can provide a lot of advantages to the locals of the area if it is built accordingly.

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