Database Logic and Management questions Module 2.

However, we still need a logical design for the reason that building a physical design without logical design is similar to building a house without blueprints. In fact, the basic purpose of building a logical database design is to ensure that all the entities and their possible relationships required by the database are entirely and exactly identified and described. In view of the fact that logical database design is built using easy to understand symbol and language, hence it can be easily examined and validated as accurate by the end-users. As discussed above, this logical database design works as a guide that is to be followed by the database developers to use as a “blueprint” for developing the physical database model. In this scenario, the information provided in the logical database model is utilized to describe the relational tables, entities, stored procedures, primary and foreign keys, and triggers (Liberty University, 2013).

In the past few years, the use of information systems in the healthcare industry has raised to a huge extent. In this scenario, organizing and administrating healthcare resources has turned out to be a challenge in opposition to time, for the reason that having control over the expansion of the disease is now as significant as treating it. Additionally, computerization and automation of clinical firms through information systems containing large databases offers a large number of benefits. In addition, in many researches authors have emphasized on the need to be aware of the situational aspects that force individuals’ comfort with receiving and distributing healthcare information in an electronic arrangement. In this scenario, one suggestion is to investigate severer rule of medical information, for instance, to make sure that stakeholders evidently recognize who they are, for what reason they will collect and distribute the data, what kind of data they will take and even to pose any limitations and restrictions

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 Database Logic and Management questions Module 2.
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