Declaration of Independence,.

In many respects, the King was perceived as promoting excessive taxation, essentially stepping on the backs of hard-working colonists to earn money for Britain. The colonists realized that an independent system of taxation, when used for the benefit of sustaining the local economy, would prevent Britain from taking resources away from the American colonists for use to sustain a stronger Great Britain.

Secondly, the colonists believed that the king was maintaining a strong military presence in early America, which essentially made the colonists feel as though they were constantly under the threat of military action on behalf of the king of Britain. This is evident in the passage stating, “He has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies without the consent of our legislature” ( While the colonists continued to work to build the foundation of a successful American economy, Britain maintained a close military watch over them to ensure that no revolution against Britain was begun and to constantly show the threat that England could provide against any revolutionaries.

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Declaration of Independence,.
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as tobacco) to other nations willing to pay for the items, the King of Britain refused such exportation in order to ensure that the monies associated with American-produced products would be distributed not locally, but to the King of Britain himself. This is evident in the Declaration of Independence where it states, “For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world” ( At a time where the local economy needed export dollars to build a strong, local infrastructure, refusing to allow exportation of colonial goods continued to keep a strong British presence in the colonies and prevent early America from becoming a nation of wealth (likely to prevent any revolution against England).

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