Defining Hot Spots As a Crime Analyst.


Chainey and Ratcliffe (2006, p. 10) explains that are identified areas on a map that are characterized by a high intensity of crime. These areas are developed so that analysts and researchers can examine the identified geographic areas, in relation to crime. The crime hotspot is a geographical analysis. It is developed basing on the crime pin maps of a reported criminal events, over a given period of time. Chainey and Ratcliffe (2006, p. 13) maintains that crime hotspots can vary. It can either be a small building, within a certain location, or even a certain locality within a community. However, the occurrence of crime must be persistent, for at least one year. Theorists and researchers normally examine the development of crime hotspots, and the reasons as to why crime is prevalent in these hotspots. Chainey and Ratcliffe (2006, p. 9) explains that coming up with a map that identifies certain hotspot is an influential and critical tool of policing.

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 Defining Hot Spots As a Crime Analyst.
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This is because they provide an understanding and knowledge of different areas within a town, and on how best to secure these areas. Chainey and Ratcliffe (2006, p. 22) believes that by identifying small areas where crime is prone, their would be a reduction of crime rates within the country. This is because the police would concentrate in these tiny areas leading to a reduction in the overall rates of crime. There exist three major types of crime hot spots, namely, crime generators, crime attractors, and crime enablers. Crime generators are physical places whereby large numbers of people gather for purposes that are not related to crime (Chainey and Ratcliffe, 2006, p.10).

These areas provide an opportunity for criminals and offenders to engage in a crime or a disorder. Examples of crime generators include transportation hubs, shopping malls, sporting events, and festivals.

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