Delta Airlines Employee Motivation and Performance.


However, an employee can only be eligible for such privileges after working for an initial minimum of thirty days. The travel privileges can be used across all the destinations that are covered by Delta Airlines. Through this program, employees in the airline have been able to travel to different global destinations and they reciprocate in appreciation of their employer’s effort make their work experience enjoyable. The reciprocation is seen through improved employee performance and proper relations with the Airline management (Nelson, & Quick, 2013).

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Delta Airlines Employee Motivation and Performance.
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In addition, the employees’ relatives can also enjoy the travel privileges. Spouses, minors mainly students and parents are entitled to the provision of free travel services. Employees’ children that are nondependent travel companions and friends can also enjoy reduced travel charges. It is notable that the employees’ families are an integral part of their lives and may play a big role in compelling them to keep working at the airline. If the families and friends receive such privileges, they may impact positively on the employees’ attitude towards their role at the airline. Consequently, the employees are compelled to keep working for the airline and develop a positive assertiveness towards the execution of their duties (Grodal, Nelson & Siino, 2015).

The employees and their family members eligible for the travel privileges are expected to be on board after other commercial passengers have boarded the flights. Therefore, they occupy the spaces that are still available after all the revenue travellers are on board. Before the travel privileges are activated, the employees are expected to pay an activation fee amounting to fifty dollars. The travel privileges are applicable after the proper guidelines are adhered to and relate to all the employees.

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