Depth Divorse Law Case Study.

Fixed resource bargaining or simply “Zero-Sum” is sometimes referred to as win-lose or distributive bargaining. It is a negotiation strategy in bargaining that is usually employed in the distribution of fixed resources like money hence the name Fixed resource bargaining. Each party in the negotiations usually feel that their objectives or interests are in a balance and therefore the major goal is the trying to and securing concession from the party that is unwilling. Hence one of the parties will lose and thus the name win-lose bargaining.It is a bargaining type that is significant since it aids in solving disputes that would otherwise no have been resolved by employing any other method. In the event that the stakes involved are very high, the resistance to decree is oftenly heightened. It is very difficult to announce as to how the matter that is being negotiated will be dealt with.The captious layout in the “Zero-Sum” bargaining method is analyzed by a “bargaining some model of negotiations”. There are three vital negotiation points in the model in the book. The first is the offer point in which one side opens an offer to the opposite side. By doing this, expectations from both groups are stipulated as a beginning point. Nevertheless this is done with the supposition that stipulating the desired point in which they contain their rational and final agreement. Of course the other party will rebut this favoring the target they contain.

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Depth Divorse Law Case Study.
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