Design a Risk Assessment.

This risk assessment will therefore be done in order to assess the effect of the expansion plans that was carried out that involved installation of four new wire drawing machines and enlargement of the HCL tank.

Even though the company has scheduled risk assessment plans and daily plant machine safety checks, the expansion project falls out of the scope of the scheduled plant assessments that are usually carried out at intervals as the expansion is a new thing in the company hence needing urgent assessment of the risks and how to handle them effectively.

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Design a Risk Assessment.
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The main aim for undertaking this risk assessment is to identify the hazards and risks linked with the expansion work that was done in the wire drawing section and the galvanizing section, analyze the risks and find a solution to them.

This assessment to be carried out will be specific in that it will only involve two sections of the plant: wire drawing and GIP section. The hazards in each of the two sections will be identified by four means. The first method of identifying the hazards will be to examine information about the new equipment installed in these two sections (Royer, 2004). The second means will be by consulting the employees and operators who work in these two sections so that they can help identify the potential hazardous situations in their areas of work. The third method will be to determine the potential hazards by examining the work places in the two sections under consideration.

The final method will involve brainstorming as a team to help identify and think of the hazards that might be associated with the expansion work. After identifying the hazards, they will be recorded in the Hazard Summary sheet after which risk analysis will be done (Laird & Mccutcheon, 2007).

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