Developing individuals and teams.


Consequently, it can be stated that leading a team is different in comparison to that of leading an individual. With this consideration, a scenario has been considered, wherein as a first line manager, a responsibility is bestowed to monitor six staff. Meanwhile, an annual performance appraisal system is performed within the organisation to set forth individual objectives and targets for development. Moreover, around the year monitoring is performed to gauge the achievement by the end of the year. Correspondingly, the objective of this paper is to evaluate the principles and the aspect of effective leadership regarding individual and team management2.

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Developing individuals and teams.
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As already stated above, leadership style differs in terms of type and requirement. Adding to that, the principles underlying the use of different types of leadership style also vary based on whether the requirement is for a team of employees or for a single employee. For instance, if seen from a team’s perspective, the leader will gradually take the entire team as a single entity rather than taking into consideration of individual team members. In the context of the entire team, the leader will take into account the team’s performance as a whole and strategize accordingly with the prime intention of surpassing the hurdles towards achieving set organisational goals. In this regard, the first line manager as a leader is required to monitor the team’s performance on the whole to reach better judgement3.

However, effective management of individual members within the team should also be kept into equal consideration since the efforts of individual members collaboratively form the entire team efforts. For instance, Steve Jobs can be considered as one such effective leader who led Apple Inc. towards success during his reign. In a generalised sense, Jobs led the organization as a whole rather than concentrating on the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees.

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