Diabetes and Globalization.


The Harvard School of Public Health (n.d) defines globalization as “Inexorable spread of knowledge, technology, culture, and capital from country to country” (para. 1). In layman’s terms, diabetes is caused by a disproportion of energy in the body whereby very little calories are burned by the body. In other words, physical activity is imperative when it comes to preventing diabetes. Globalization has increased trade between countries and has thus made food more available at cheaper prices. The cost and availability of food shape people’s preferences and can contribute to diabetes (Harvard School of Public Health, para. 5). This, in other words, increases people’s access to high caloric foods which are the major contributors to diabetes. Other than shaping people’s food preferences, globalization has made it easier for international fast-food companies to spread from the developed countries to developing countries (Harvard School of Public Health, para. 5). This further increases people’s access to fattening foods creating an increase in obesity and diabetes.&nbsp. Candib (2007) asserts that globalization goes hand in hand with urbanization. People are increasingly moving to urban areas in search of better business and job opportunities. When people move to urban areas, they end up adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Subsequently, they have no time for cooking a healthy meal by the time they get home due to exhaustion. In fact, most people prefer buying food from restaurants and fast food outlets than to cooking.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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