Submit a Word document file that addresses the situation presented below; failure to submit the correct file type will result in a zero. Be sure to submit the file with the following information in the file name: LastnameFirstname_MGT204.your section number_DirectResponseEmail. The letter will need all the components of a block format business letter, including a letterhead and complete inside address. Failure to adhere to these requirements will result in several deductions. Late assignments will not be accepted. No negotiations. Thus, I suggest that you submit your assignment to Blackboard at least 15 minutes before midnight! Computer problems will not be a valid excuse.

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Background Information

Online retailer Virtual Treasures has received a direct request from Donna K. Lilly, who is concerned that her company, Pamper Palace Spa, is being charged twice for the same order whenever she uses the convenience feature EasyPay. As customer care representative at Virtual Treasures, you investigate the request and find that Ms. Lilly ordered five items on September 16, which were divided into two orders. The first, #502-3385779-9590624, was for Monoi Tiare –––-––––––­­Tahiti (Gardenia) Bar Soap, 4.6 oz., and three 4-ounce bottles of coconut oil, Monoi Coco (Natural Coconut Oil), Monoi Pitate (Coconut Oil w/ Jasmine), and Monoi Santal (Coconut Oil w/ Sandalwood). Order #502-8112203-6442608 was for Monoi Tiare Tahiti (Coconut Oil w/ Gardenia), also 4 ounces. The invoice accurately read $58.88; there were no duplicate charges.

When you talk to your technical team, however, you learn that occasionally customer account statements have shown duplicate orders when EasyPay was activated. The IT people assure you that the technical malfunction has been fixed. You are glad that, in turn, you can now reassure the customer.

Each e-mail you send out for Virtual Treasures contains two standards links allowing customers to click answers to the options “Did we solve your problem?” or “If not, we are very sorry. Please click the link below.” This second option also suggests to the customer to contact Virtual Treasures by telephone. Soliciting feedback from customers in every message serves the purpose to “build America’s Friendliest Company.”

Your Task.

Write a direct reply e-mail to Donna K. Lilly. You may want to list the full order for reference. Ensure eye appeal and readability when writing and formatting your message.

Suggestion: Review Chapter Seven for how to compose business emails. You will have to include a descriptive and appropriate subject line and a signature block for this email. Review Chapter Nine for more about routine business messages, especially responding to inquiries.

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