Discourses of Heterosexuality.


The interpretative repertoires of sexuality constructed in the articles reveal certain similarities and differences in men’s and women’s natures. The article “10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex” points on the feature of men’s nature that demands maintenance of a man’s self-esteem, especially the part of it that is engaged with his sexual capability and physical strength (Tapley 2013). The author claims that in order to please a man a young woman needs to praise him and pay attention on his sexual needs. Thus sexuality and physical skills play crucial role in demands to women’s repertoires of sexuality. As far as author reveals that men fear intimacy women should be aware of it and do their best to maintain masculinity in their men by increasing their own femininity (which is expected to be more of emotional expression from women). The article “10 Little Known Sex Tips Every Better Lover Ought to Know” shows us the little secrets men need to know about women’s preferences in sex that would make its reader a better lover. In fact this article focuses on the point that women are emotional creatures and in order to be loved by them men need to appeal to their feelings and emotionality, for instance, by demonstrating their admiration and feelings, dominating and holding of initiative (Gerald n.d.). But the most important feature a man needs is to be sensitive and feel how to act on behalf of his woman. The both articles in fact complete each other’s points. thus if a man is dominant, a woman should be more concessive and vice versa.

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The interpretative repertoires of femininity and masculinity described in the articles can be traced in the advices that the authors give to their readers. Thus it turns out that in order to satisfy either men or women the opposite gender needs to appeal to the other’s natural features by understanding the needs and essence of the other.

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