Discuss about the perils and promise of pluralism in America.

In such a plural state as America is, every individual have the right to choose “what part of the multiplicity he wants to have or to belong to” (Johansson and Lynoe, 2008, p.245). In such a circumstance the stability of society depends on a ‘power balance’ (Johansson and Lynoe, 2008, p.245). Although this pluralism tries to ensure the greatest good, it is not a totalitarian principle and it has certain negative effects for individual and for society at large.

The first effect of pluralism is that it gives rise to deferent interest groups in the politics. As America is probably the largest democracy in the world, the pluralistic view poses the question of whether having various interest groups is good for creating a policy. One of the major challenges that have arisen in the wake of this century is ensuring the national security from terrorist attack. America’s democracy promotion policy in the Muslim countries has been resisted by the Muslim Americans. Even a lack of clear definition of democracy allowed the Muslim Americans to question the basic presumption of democracy. The Judeo Christian tradition of America made it possible to create a society based on the shared values of catholic, protestant and Jewish religion. It was possible because certain denominations of the values of these religions were supported by the American life style. The 1965 Immigration Act was pivotal in creating a congregating identity of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. With the widening of democracy, these culturally diverse groups have been able to lobby the administration and influence the social and cultural life of America. Within the diversity, there are cultural groups who feel marginalized and it is due to the tension between cultural groups who are struggling to monitor the values and institution for desired reformation (Machacek: 2003, p.1)

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 Discuss about the perils and promise of pluralism in America.
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