discusses Victim- Blaming.

at have attracted the attention nationally and on social media are the latest trends of police officers shooting dead blacks in America beginning with the recent coverage of the shooting case of Mike Brown in Missouri to Walter Scot in South Carolina (BBC, 2015).

In all cases, the media was full of outrage from the subscribers, some of whom condemn the acts while others question the actions of the victims leading to their shooting. Media on the other hand instead of playing neutral, have always portrayed bias in reporting (being black). “In the aftermath of deaths like these, the media scrutiny almost reflexively falls on the victims rather than the police, especially if the former come from a poor or minority neighborhood” (Alterman & Richardson, 2014). Sadly, even the New York Times referring to the case on Mike Brown, was quick to ask if the victim brought it on himself or if his upbringing or family suggest the police somehow could not be blamed (Alterman & Richardson, 2014). Social media was full with arguments and counter arguments for the cases. Some were reading racial hatred while others read arrogance on the side of the victim. Other social media users questioned if there was bad motive for the systematic murdering of the blacks by the white police officers.

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discusses Victim- Blaming.
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Whatever the case, my viewpoint is that the constitution guarantees the right to life for every American citizen whether black, Hispanic, white or whichever color. In fact this right to life is guaranteed by every country’s constitution worldwide. Nobody regardless of your position in the society should be allowed to take that right from anybody. For these cases of police shooting, one is left wondering whether the due process was followed especially when a police officer fires 8 shots at unarmed civilian running away from the police. One is left wondering if the motive was to enforce the law or to kill. In fact the statistics show that police officers kill black males at a rate 21 times

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