Dissertation:Marketing in the Olympic Games

Dissertation:Marketing in the Olympic Games:What are the active effects of 2008 Olympic Games of China Economy( part2).

Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill also state that: “….your research philosophy depends on the way that you think about the development of knowledge.” (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2003:83). The literature review, as presented above, has provided quite a lot of knowledge about the economic impact of the Olympic Games in other cities that have previously hosted the Olympic Games. In this study, the research philosophy that I have chosen is positivism, according to which the major thrust of the study is the collection of secondary data which is used as the basis upon which conclusions are reached in the study.

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Dissertation:Marketing in the Olympic Games
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It must be pointed out that primary data collection through a survey or questionnaire method does not lend itself well to this study, neither does a quantitative approach. This is mostly due to the scope of the research subject, since the topic understudy is the economic impact of the Olympic games of 2008, which requires a wide range of informative sources rather than the views of a limited sample of the population. As a result, the collection and analysis of secondary data sources as available through books, news reports, websites and library sources appears best suited to answer the research question in this study and to test the hypothesis as to whether the Games are indeed producing a positive effect on the economy.

A qualitative rather than a quantitative approach was selected for this study, mostly due to constraints in time, as well as the impracticality of working with colossal amounts of financial data. In addressing the hypothesis of the Games having a positive impact on China’s economy, a quantitative approach would have necessitated the collection of vast amounts of financial data

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