Distance Education: Comparing traditional and online learning.


Later on the dimension of sound was added by the inclusion of phonograph records which included lectures from the professor recorded on them. Now, with the advent of computer and other telecommunication technology, virtual classrooms and colleges are growing at an almost alarming rate. The educational system has been trying to keep up with these changes and has, reluctantly at first, offered accreditation to certain online campuses that met their criteria, but one has to wonder about the overall value as compared to traditional “brick and mortar” colleges. Ultimately it is the value received by the learner and perceived in the workplace that is of ultimate importance.

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Distance Education: Comparing traditional and online learning.
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Although the current decade has seen many changes and improvements, there lingers a certain stigma from the past from on-line universities that guaranteed accredited degrees, but it was later discovered that their accrediting came from unrecognized sources. This led to a high level of dissatisfaction when applying to certain employers that actually checked the accreditation of the college and turned down the applicant. Unfortunately this practice still continues today and although on-line universities are handing out degrees they sometime are not worth the paper they are written on. The learner must do their due diligence and check the accrediting sources, this is especially important in fields like psychology where licensees are issued by the state of residence. If the college accreditation is not recognized by the state then they will not license the individual. Lists of accrediting sources are usually available on the states licensure web site. Another clue would be if the accrediting consortium has a location on an island in the Caribbean, it may not be an accepted agency.

There have been certain other drawbacks noted. Without a physical presence in class and proctors observing exams, every course item completed is always in open book mode.

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