Distinguishing Management and Leadership Competencies.

According to Meads (2006), health institutions in many parts of the world have introduced computerized self check-in systems for their outpatient customers whereby the patient reporting for check-up confirms and subsequently validates the correctness that the institution has on them. Meads (2006) further adds that self check-in can also be done manually in the developing countries incapable of introducing such computerized systems. In manual self check-in, the patient reporting for medical check-up writes down the required information such as name, sex, and age and them proceeds for check-up.

The implementation of a self check-in system either computerized or manual requires specific management and leadership competencies. In laymans terms, competencies are skills and behaviors of an effective leader or manager. According to Laureate Education Inc (2012), “Leadership is all about creating change, and it involves establishing direction, aligning people toward that direction, and also establishing change through connecting with people” (p. 1). In regard to leadership competencies necessary for the implementation of a self check-in for appointments in outpatient setting, a leader ought to have the capacity or ability to ensure the creation of constructive relationships between all stakeholders (Zaleznik, 2004). Zaleznik (2004) also notes that he or she should also be able to offer support and collaborate with all stakeholders in the recognition of the problem, in this case long queues, and in creation of plans of action aimed at alleviating the problem, i.e. the implementation of self check-in systems for appointment of outpatients. To identify a problem, some of the skills necessary include listening skills, critical thinking, and persuasion skills. Implementation of change requires the leader to have specific competencies such as coordination skills,

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