Distributed Systems Security.


Client and data encryption are highly recommended on the storage devices which means that corresponding blocks of data corresponds both in the directory and the file but does not know content interpretation, below are the various methods of ensuring secure distributed file system.

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Distributed Systems Security.
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The initial secure distributed file sharing system was the use of AFS which was later followed by the use of DFS. In the AFS system, servers store data on subtrees in the file system and use the Kerberos in the provision of the authenticated access to all trees. Every server is the one in the management of the meta-data which has full access to the file data. The DFS advanced in the options link in the encryption level in order to prevent the eavesdroppers from the discovery of file systems content (Kistler, 1995). This file server has improved the security of the NFS by providing the ability to encrypt the traffic in between the server and its clients by doing a strong authentication. the NFS has access to data by managing the entire file server.

The security of a distributed file system calls for the use of unique and assigned id for every user in the system. This name must be used in line to a password created in the system, which helps the user to gain access in the system. This prevents unauthorized users to go into the system.

Distributed file systems require a security protocol to check and verify the login names and password on protection to the system’s file from illegal access, this makes the system to improve its security.

Every user on the system must have a personal profile in which allows them to gain access to certain areas of the programs and files within the distributed system.

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