Diversity in the Workforce.

It fosters equality in the distribution of resources and opportunities (Page 2008). This document focuses on the importance of diversity in human resource section of Steel Mill Company.

Steel Mill Company has maintained its front-line supervision staff for a long time because of the performance and experience from these top official employees which has helped in the maintenance production levels and profits. However, the company does not benefit from the approaches resulting from diversity thus the workforce demographics of the company have changed dramatically.

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The main objective of changing the management structure of the company by replacing the old human resource managers and front-line supervisors with a new lot of top official employees of the same ranks is to foster diversity in the company which may lead to profits and production as well as service delivery.

Current population projections indicate a change in the future demographic profile of the United States. The population is expected to rise from 296 million to 438 million people in a span of 45years and 82% of this population increase will be as a result of immigrants settling in the United States if the current population trends continue. The population of immigrants is estimated to reach 117 million people with an approximate of 67million adults, 47million children and 3million will total the sum of the grad generation of the immigrant society.

The current trends indicate that 12% of born children born in the United States are of foreign origin. The racial and ethnic radar indicates that 67% of the total population in the United States is made up of whites and 14% are of Hispanic origin. Black people sum up to 13% of the total population while 5% are Asians. The working population sums up to 63% while children below the age of 17years make up 25% of the total population.

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