Divorce as a stressor leading to family crisis.

Divorce is identified to be under different psychological stressors that adversely affect the lifestyles, health along with attitudes of the divorced couples. In this regard, the ABCX Model is used as an important tool based on which family stressors and family functioning procedures are identified during stress situations. It also depicts the procedures in accordance with which families can cope with stress, which is associated with divorce. Contextually, the essay emphasizes applying the topic of divorce in relation to four elements of ABCX model in order to have a better understanding of the implications of the stressor in an individual life. Divorce generally changes the social life of the individuals due to the loss of supportive aspect. In this respect, divorced couples witnessed to possess lower level of well-being and psychological conditions due to different stress situations that they undergo. In this regard, the ABCX model is used as an effective measure of coping with such stress situations. The stresses associated with divorce are related with the components of ABCX model in the following section. According to the article of Rosand et al. (2014), in the present societal scenario, divorce is determined to be increasing specifically in the Western societies by a considerable extent due to various factors that include relationship dissatisfaction, emotional distress and inadequate education programs among others.

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Divorce as a stressor leading to family crisis.
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