Domestic and Foreign Policy

The first phase of occupation which roughly started after the end of the war from 1945 to 1947 involved the most fundamental changes that took place in Japan. America punished Japan due to its past expansion and militarism by convening war crimes in Tokyo. During this time, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP) dismantled Japanese army and banned the military officers from taking roles in political roles in the government (Drohan, 2007). During this time, SCAP land reforms that were meant in providing equality in land ownership to the tenants were acquired from the landlords who supported the Japanese expansionism in the 1930s.

Demilitarization and Democratization

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Domestic and Foreign Policy
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Demilitarization of Japan was a guarantee to the America that Japan would never engage in military activities. In the first two years of occupation, the industrialists and officers blamed for the war were a further hedge against a revanchist threat.

Democratization was a process undertaken by Americans in Japan that no other occupation force had done before. The America performed the democratization process through remarking the social, political, cultural and economic fabric Japan and changed them based on their way of thinking (Aldous, n.d.).

The tough initiative was in writing the constitution that was to be used in Japan and compelling its acceptance by the Japanese diet. One of the factors that proved the success of the occupation in Japan was the Constitution that was developed by the Americans.

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