Domestic Violence.

According to the Administration for Children and Families, children can be witnesses and harmed by auditory, visual or inferred violence such as the aftereffects of violence in the form of bruises, scratches, etc. In addition, children who witnessed domestic violence are forced to grow up faster than their peers. Many of them do not have any real childhood because their roles at home have changed. They worry about their families and the unexpected when the abusers come home. They learn to protect themselves as well as their mothers from the abusers and others. To accomplish these goals, children of violent households are forced to take on responsibilities they are not prepared or equipped to handle that can easily turn to disaster. Furthermore, it also “interferes with a child’s normal development of trust and later exploratory behaviors, which lead to the development of autonomy”. Children grow up understanding they are in an unsafe world and become afraid to take risks or too willing to take on unacceptable risks, perceptions that often lead to the development of behavior problems. As might be inferred from above, immature children thrust into a dysfunctional adult situation have limited coping methods to deal with the violence they find around them. Children may try to cope with what is going on at home but the effect of the strain invariably causes them to become “extremely introverted or extremely extroverted. They develop behavior problems, including aggression and violent outbursts”.

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