Drones in the public sector.

re are various safety issues that the regulatory body of the FAA should take into account while integrating the UAVs to the National Airspace System (NAS). In addition, it was ascertained that the introduction of these unmanned aircrafts for the commercial purpose should be implemented after few years when the people get accustomed to the UAVs.

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is generally known as drone is an automated aircraft which does not require any human pilot on the plane. The UAV is controlled either automatically by the inbuilt computer system in the aircraft or is controlled by a pilot through a remote. In the present day context, drones are being used for the delivery of packages to the civilians in the United States. Correspondingly, Amazon has been one of the prime initiators of introducing UAVs in the United States for the commercial purpose. The main objective of Amazon behind its UAV adoption is to carry package delivery through its use. In the year 2013, Amazon declared that it would use small UAVs in order to deliver various commodities to its customers. Amazon proclaimed that these UAVs can deliver products within 30 minutes. However, it can be observed that the UAV delivery system might face certain major obstacles. It can be ascertained that weather would be a major obstacle while grounding the aircraft. Moreover, there might be a possibility that the product that has been dropped in the door step of the customer gets stolen. In addition, people might feel uncomfortable with several UAVs flying above their heads every day. Besides, the people using this delivery system might have the requirement of purchasing UAV insurance that provides security from system malfunctions and uncertain crashes. The prospective users of the UAVs for commercial purpose and the UAV manufacturers can be termed as the audience for this report

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Drones in the public sector.
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