Du Bois Racial Differences.

Individuals and groups of people in various societies have been subjected to racial segregation by the dominant groups in the society effectively condemning them to the periphery. It is, therefore, important to note that racial differences are a manifestation of the physical environment characterized by people’s socio-historical development.

Du Bois in his presentation intimated that one of the challenges of the 21st century has to do with color. The cultural orientation of groups in the society has emerged as one of the areas where stereotypical tendencies have been manifest (Bloom 87). The United States has been the epitome of racial differences since its inception, and it has remained manifest even in the modern dispensation. In the reconstruction era, the black community faced a number of racial prejudices that caused the population to be subjected to immense segregation. In the southern region, laws were choreographed to limit the influence of African-Americans from accessing critical services and opportunities in the society (Bloom 112). For instance, the black community had restricted liberty on civil unions, limited access to education and inadequate resource allocation. There were de jure laws that allowed racial differences in the southern regions.

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Du Bois Racial Differences.
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Ideally, the black community was condemned to the periphery effectively creating conflicts and anarchy in the society. Such socio-historical developments have become critical for certain groups in the American society. It is imperative to note that cultural differences in the past have been entrenched in the modern dispensation to the extent that it has continued to further the agenda of segregation.

The racial differences that are manifest in the society today are rooted in the socio-historical injustices that were perpetrated in the past. The anti-Semitic tendencies gained momentum as a result of prejudices leveled against the Jews and other faiths.

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