Dutch poltical issues.


Furthermore, he spoke against the European Union. During his speech in Hague, he was against the Moroccans who had settled into Netherlands. He incited the public against the Moroccans.

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Dutch poltical issues.
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The crowd was happy with what he was saying. He asked them anything that was racist, and the crowd replied positively with enthusiasm.

It was similar to what the Nazi minister of propaganda was doing to the public. He incited the Germans into war.

There was outrage among the Moroccans living in Netherlands. Mr. Wilder was a racist and did not take into consideration equality of races. It is against any government’s will to offer equality to all human beings. Every individual has the right to freedom in any county. People regarded the Moroccans as thieves and criminals. There was no sufficient evidence to say this statement. It showed biases according to biological and social attributes.

Wilder was a racist in nature. He did not consider the will of the people he represented them in parliament. By saying the Moroccans should leave Netherlands, he tries to clarify his message of hatred towards the Muslims. Wilder openly shows the importance of Judeo, and he should follow its teaching which advocates for justice for all (Visser, 2013).

Robbery is a very serious crime. If an innocent person is in the robbery scene, the activities in the scene may affect him. The robbers may cause bodily hard and pose the danger to life. In Noord-Brabant, there was a scene of a robbery, and a woman shot dead the two robbers. She acted on self-defense. This paper is going to show the reasons why the woman acted wrong in doing the shooting (Elkins, 2013).

The paper disagrees with the idea of a woman acting on self-defense. Netherland’s constitution prohibits against use of guns. Possession of guns would make the civilians prone to attacks from any quarter. It would enhance robbery and many youths will engage in criminal activities.

The constitution gave powers to the police.

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