– Sale staffs need to meet the clients in person to give a demonstration of the software and install them on clients computers, therefore lots of time and energy is wasted (for example in the traffic, because the company is close to a busy area). The company headquarters are seeking ways to sell the products and services online through a website.

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This way, the sale staff can stay in their offices provide support using telephone, email or even video conferencing. Clients will be able to find the details of the products and services online and at any time they need.

– The research and development staffs do not see a necessity to be present at the office every single day. They are already working together through a computer network. They prefer a system to allow them secure access to the company’s website and work and communicate with other developers online. They need a space to securely share and update the files and get them to work altogether.

– The company at the moment has more software staff than programmers. These staffs are the persons that need to meet every single client and help them with installing and using the software. Headquarters are thinking of providing support through a website with a complete help and support section since the number of clients is increasing every day.

Electronic commerce is about using the internet for purchasing/selling products/services online. The number of internet users is increasing every single day and electronic commerce is representing itself as a real opportunity for companies to find new markets and provide their good and services more efficiently to their existing clients.

There are enormous benefits for a company like Ictbuild Ltd. by using an e-commerce system. For example they will gain the access to the global market, they can sell their software, hardware and services without the need of middleman businesses and they can save time and energy for their sale staff.

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