East Asia in the Modern World.


Therefore, the history of China and Korea cannot be narrated without considering Japan. However, following the 1866 abduction Koreans and subsequent attack made by the Korean soldiers on the ship that killed mostly Chinese crew, the Korean government rejected the trade demands from the western because of the unfortunate experiences of China in the Opium War. Korea was also concerned that Catholicism would spread. Moreover, it stopped it trades with Japan.

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East Asia in the Modern World.
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In the year 1881, the Chinese diplomat, Haung Zunxian wrote “A Policy for Korea” where he recommended that Korea to develop close relationship between China and Japan. Additionally, this diplomat proposed the formation of alliance among these countries with United States so that they could defend themselves from the Russian aggression (Ebrey, Walthall, and Palais 366). These developments are clear indications that in the seventeenth century, China had good relationship with Korea despite of unfortunate occurrences that might or occurred between them. Notably, on August 20, 1882 Chinese forces arrived in Seoul under the leadership of General Wu Changqing. This force seized the gun from Taewon and sent him to Tianjin, China. 0n 29th august the same year, the Korean army and its citizens attacked and killed Chinese army. In October, Korea and Japan negotiated the Chemulp’o treaty that aimed at punishing the mutiny leaders (Ebrey, Walthall, and Palais 391). Later in 1883, the Chinese asked Koreans to initiate commercial treaties. Between 1883 1nd 1886, Korea made unequal treaties with different countries including United States (1882), England and Germany (1883), Italy and Russia (1884), and France (1886).

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