Eating Challenge.

And also with bread, I have also unconsciously picked up bread placed on the table. I also found out that in these instances, people are likely to feel the urge to just give in – cheat on the challenge, in other words. I also learned that for individuals who are not accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables are likely to find the challenge difficult. However, for people who are adept at preparing and cooking vegetables or preparing salads, the challenge can be easier to manage. My first forays into cooking these meals were made with the help of the internet and I was surprised that many delicious meals could also be prepared using fruits and vegetables. It took a while for me to master these preparations and I went through many ruined meals before I finally picked up some useful techniques in cooking these meals.

All in all however, I was enlightened by the experience. I found out that I actually had the discipline to engage in a vegetable and fruit diet, and to resist pork and minimize my bread intake. I also enjoyed the experience especially whenever I would weigh myself and see that I really was losing weight and that my ‘sacrifice’ was actually paying off. Losing weight can build confidence in one’s looks and eventually an overall confidence in oneself. It felt good to lose the extra weight and I was proud that my efforts paid off.

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