Ecosystem Service

Human societies highly depend upon ecosystem services for their day to day survival. Without benefit from eco system human existence is impossible. So the human societies have high regard for ecosystem services. They understand the value of oxygen, water, sunlight, vegetation and living organisms as this very natural assets contribute to their existence.

Though human societies understand the ecosystem service they need to completely understand the importance of biodiversity and the linkage it have to the ecosystem services. The biodiversity is the close interaction of the various species of living beings to capture light, nutrients water to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. Human society should understand how changes in biodiversity impact the ecosystem serices.Frankly speaking, these living organisms which interact with each other is the life support system of human race. Unfortunately, humans do not have much idea about how much of the ecosystem services are utilized by the ever exploding population. Human societies do have idea and knowledge about value of ecosystem services but they do not have deeper knowledge of its exploitation which is being happening currently on the planet.

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Ecosystem Service
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When it comes to the action of human societies it is clearly visible that the human beings are ignorantly reacting to the nature. The main aspect is the way in which they pollute the natural resources with no second thoughts.

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