Effect of photography.


In this work Linda Henkel represents the background information concerning the discussed question, hypothesis due to the experiment, particular description of the research, the accurate results of the investigation and appropriate remarks related to the problem.

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Effect of photography.
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It is admitted that taking photos is a usual process of people nowadays. Moreover, it is suggested that people has taken “more than 3 billion photos in 2012 and that 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day” (Henkel, 2014). To such extend, it can be argued that photography plays an essential role in the life of every person nowadays. However, the psychological investigations in this field are not large (Henkel, 2014). It is mentioned that a number of psychologists develop some researches due to the question of effect of photography on the memory of a person (Henkel, 2014). The matter is that reviewing photos has a positive impact on people’s memory, as the process of looking on some photos helps to recollect some important events from people’s life (Henkel, 2014). Moreover, people take pictures of essential moments from their experience in order to remember them. Some investigations have been made with the photos that people make during the ordinary day, and after a few months they can easily distinguish their photos from the unknown ones (Henkel, 2014). Such situation shows the positive implementation of photography into the memory of a person.

The hypothesis is ambiguous in this particular situation. The matter is that people intends to fix some moments from their life and save them in photos. As the dimension of this problem relates to mostly significant events or things for this or that person, it is natural that the recognition in memory is high (Henkel, 2014). Also, it is admitted that person commits to memory things that he/she has performed than the observed ones (Henkel, 2014).

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