Electric Cars.

In 2008, during the presidential campaign, President Obama promised Americans that he would oversee the implementation of a project of over one million green vehicles grazing our roads, this however has not occurred for various reasons. Recently the department of Energy confessed that this was impossible. They projected that only two hundred and fifty thousand green vehicles could be in the roads by 2015. This is only one percent of all automobiles in the United States. The complete takeover of electric cars over gasoline powered cars has failed because to kick off because the consumers of cars have doubts about electric cars. In this research paper I will answer the question Are electric cars superior and much better than fuel powered cars? Unsurprisingly recently I was made to think by an uncle who wanted to purchase a new automobile and he asked me if I would give him an advice about the latest models of cars. We ended up discussing the prospects of electric cars.

The electric cars are more efficient in power consumption than the fuel driven automobiles. The standard electric model car uses 0.20 to 0.40 kilowatt per hour per mile. However the average gasoline powered automobile uses about one gallon of fuel in every 25 miles. This is approximately 1.58 kilowatt per hour per mile. The difference clearly shows that the electric cars are way more efficient than the fuel dependent counterparts.

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Electric cars are eco-friendly. Electric automobiles are a powered using powerful rechargable battery which is categorized as clean sources of energy. The batteries are recharged using either electricity produced from natural sources such as hydropower, wind power and solar power. This ensures that the environment remains clean and free of harmful substances that would cause air, noise and water pollution. Fuel powered cars are completely eco unfriendly. They use of fuels such as gasoline and other petroleum have proved to be quite destructive.

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